Making learning available to all,

even your organization!

Systems of learning and innovation are often not accessible for many organizations.  Regardless of size, resources, or the overall "strangeness" of the underlying questions,  the Dawn Chorus Group is committed to developing unique, innovative, and scalable evaluation solutions for organization of all types and sizes.


Informed by the values of Empowerment Evaluation and Community Psychology, we implement collaborative methods that help our clients learn and improve.


We are content-neutral: all types of change in all types of fields can benefit from strategic and evaluative thinking.

The Dawn Chorus Groups aims to be the community-focused, research and development arm of the Wandersman Center.  By 2024, we plan to leverage emerging trends in big data and machine-aided learning to provide evaluation solutions that are available to all organizations. 


To do this, we will continually seek out resources for innovation and further development, while still being committed to assisting the smallest client in being able to learn and grow.



I'm Jonathan.  I am a practicing community psychologist and also the Chief Operating Officer with the Wandersman Center. I am also an evaluation consultant & faculty with the Institute for Healthcare Improvement and the Finger Lakes Law and Social Policy Center. I was one of the initial developers of the R=MC^2 readiness model.


Most of my experience has been in helping organizations select, adapt, implement, and evaluate community-based improvement interventions. I have particular expertise in developing comprehensive methods to evaluate quantitative and qualitative differences in organizational readiness. These methods have been used in multiple projects that span very different settings (community coalitions, schools, US Air Force bases, federally qualified health centers, and more).  I also research change manage strategies to build readiness. I also  work toward practical implementation science techniques that are usable by front-line practitioners through the use of evidence-based implementation support strategies.

I got my PhD in Clinical-Community Psychology from the University of South Carolina.  I previously completed a research fellowship in the Office of the Assistant Secretary for Health at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OASH/HHS).  

I also am terrible at typing.

Don't take my word for it; check out my CV at the link below.


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